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Importance To Have a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a growing platform for business marketing day by day. More and more users are benefitting every day form this service. It’s the easiest and the cheapest way of promoting your business site. Every day, thousands of users are registering themselves into Facebook. At current, Facebook got 1.8 billion users, so it is like promoting your business in a gathering of 1.8 billion people. Facebook is now optimized for every type of device so that users can access it from anywhere. Given below are some details on why you should have a Facebook page.

  • Cheapest way of marketing-  What else do you want. It’s the cheapest way of marketing. It’s absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything to open a page. All you need is access to internet.
  • Largest platform- Facebook is now the most traffic social network. 1.8 billion users are using Facebook so literally you are promoting your business in front of 1.8 billion people.
  • Bullseye-  There are many types of people on earth, so are there on Facebook. People who are interested in your business will respond to your page. This way you will target the right customers for your business.

  • Easy Analyzation- Keep a regular visit to your Facebook insight. You will know how many people are following your post and how many people you’re reaching out every day. It’s a great feature added by Facebook.
  • Regular visit- Almost 80% users of Facebook visit their profile once in a day. SO, if you have any ongoing offer or exhibition, your customers will have a look at it. It’s not possible for them to visit your store or website daily.
  • SEO- Though google deny it, but there’s a fuss about the about section of your page works as a SEO. Yes. Many people have argued that if you use the correct keywords for your Facebook page, it comes out in the search result. From there, they can get in touch with you. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Keep an eye on competitors-  That’s an interesting feature added in Facebook. Now you can keep an eye on competitors who are running the same kind of business like you. Just above your cover photo, you’ll notice a small box displaying “+ Add 5 pages” There, you can add up to 5 pages who you consider as your competitors in your line of business. You can keep a close eye on the kind of features they are using to promote their business and you could compare it with yours and analyze where you’re lacking behind.

Isn’t it enough for you to open a Facebook page? What else could you ask for. Nothing comes for free this days, and Facebook is giving you such an opportunity to promote your business in such a large scale just for free. Who else will give you such an opportunity. Hope, now you have got the importance to have a Facebook business page. Are you convinced yet or you need anything else?

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Post by buyfacebookfollowers (2017-03-13 15:30)

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